Flux is a fictitious inspirational television network designed for young creative adults (16-30). It features both live action programing, as well as several animated series. The initial concept of Flux was to provoke the will-power of making change, or building the desire to create by expression in art or design. Hence, the tag line emerged from this drive to "make change". The first graphical treatment, that also played a part in the design of the logo, also took part in the subtle theme of the identity. This subtle graphical treatment was the idea of liquid. Liquid is flux (constant change), so the shape of the logo coincides with both the theme, and contemporary look to hit the desired target. The idea that liquid could be fabricated through an arbitrary science laboratory, helped tell a story of how an ominous black liquid could force itself to become the Flux logo. The liquid idea also played a part in the other TV bumps, as well as the fluidity of the website and its design. Black seemed to be an appropriate color not only for its eloquent look, but also that it represents nothing, and everything. Flux can be what you make of it. This can be also seen through the various logo renderings and colors of Flux.

All of the movies, and shows featured through Flux have the reputation of motivating the want to draw, paint, or design. The example of Iron Man, or Tron Legacy inspired many artists to design their own versions of these popular movies when they where released. Currently Flux was designed with the idea to motivate, inspire, and play popular nostalgic and contemporary shows for today's young creative minds.
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